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The Professor Yoland Lim Health Care Centre is one of the largest (50,000 square) and most modern in Australia built according to Fong Shui. It is inspired by nature, nestled in the heart of Wantirna South, Melbourne.  Yield to an oasis of serenity, where time honored treatments of body, mind and soul are cast in a sensuous modern light, adorned with the luxurious quiet beauty of water, timber and stone.  Bathed in the soft colours and delicate fragrances of the earth, a sanctuary awaits to restore your health.  Here life's delicate balance is nurtured, and rejuvenated.  

Professor Yoland Lim, world renown, seen regularly on TV and radio and News media.  "Eastern wisdom, western science- health without drugs".

Professor Yoland Lim Health Care 

Skin and Hair Rejuvenation Programs


Skin Sculpturing Rejuvenation Program

When we are young, our skin is fresh, firm, tight and flawless because the supportive structural collagen and elastin under our skin is strong and firm.  With age it loses strength and elasticity, causing our skin to sag, droop, wrinkle and lose its shape. 

JUVESCULPTTM-  Professor Yoland Lim Health Care's Skin Rejuvenation Program uses Fong Yang therapy, to stimulate meridians combining Shi Lou Dou (Professor Yoland Lim family'S ancient form of acupuncture), phytomolecular medicine, binaural therapy, the eastern ancient art of beauty, and our Australian designed and developed JUVESCULPTTM machine.

The treatment specifically targets the collagen and elastin in the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic system (SMAS) layer.  The JUVESCULPTTM program stimulates these cells to vibrate, creating energy, thus heating the deep layers of your skin to 're-awake' and restore the structural memory by:

1)      Tightening current Collagen and Elastin, and

2)      Stimulating new Collagen and Elastin formation

This makes your skin look younger, fresher and more toned.

JUVESCULPTTM lifts, tightens, tones, and softens wrinkles, giving you a natural, fresher look- without injections, without surgery

Problem area 


Eyelids drooping

Lift eyebrows

Sunken cheeks

Lift cheeks

Lines around the mouth

Lift smile lines and jowl


Soften wrinkles in for'head, around eyes and mouth

'Turkey neck'

Strengthen and re-invigorate the skin

Thin crepe like skin of face and neck

Strengthen and re-invigorate the skin, and improves its natural colour- leaving skin brighter, more even, and refreshed

Changes can start to be felt immediately, with optimal results taking about 2-3 months, and with continuing improvement up to 6 months after the treatment.  Results last 6-12 months, and varies between individuals.


Skin Rejuvenation Program

As we age our skin inevitably starts to show freckles, sun spots, sun damage, black lesions, brown lesions, wrinkles, skin tags, and scars, along with unwanted veins and hair.  We may also come to regret tattoos over time.

JUVESKINTM- Professor Yoland Lim Health Care's Skin Rejuvenation Program uses Fong Yang therapy to stimulate meridians combining Shi Lou Dou (Professor Yoland Lim family's ancient form of acupuncture), phytomolecular medicine, binaural therapy, the eastern ancient art of beauty, and our Australian designed and developed JUVESKINTM machine for removal of:

-  Pigmentation, Sunspots, Freckles, Sun Damaged skin, black/brown spots

-  Skin tags

-  Capillaries

-  Rosacea

-  Raised spots, and skin tags

-  Spider veins/Varicose Veins/Capillaries

-  Ingrown hair

-  Fungal Nails (L- before treatment, R- 8 months after Juveskin treatment)   

-  Scars

-  Stretch marks

-  Tattoos- especially red and black, along with violet, orange, yellow, brown and  blue colours

JUVESKINTM targets and shatters the abnormal unwanted pigmented cells and haemoglobin within the skin, causing them to breakdown, and be naturally metabolised by our body's normal defence immune system.  This works in conjunction with the other modalities of treatment to optimize the effect of the JUVESKINTM machine.    

Changes can start to show immediately with optimal results showing after 6-12 weeks, lasting up to a lifetime, giving a rejuvenated, fresher, younger, unblemished skin appearance.


Hair Growth Rejuvenation Program

Losing hair? Itchy hair?  Dandruff?  Clumps of hair in the bottom of the shower?  Clumps of hair left on your pillow?  Oily scalp?

Any of these are the signs of the start of hair loss (Alopecia), as your hair follicles are not functioning properly.  Even if minor, it can signify the start of more hair loss.

Alopecia is usually a multifactorial condition, attributable to a hereditary component (meaning  if your parents are bald, then you have a chance of going bald also) and other contributing factors or medical conditions. 

Hair loss affects both men and women, with 1 in 4 females being affected also. 

Cellular Explanation of Hair Loss

1)      Tension and stress causes the scalp to tighten, preventing nutrients reaching the hair follicle

2)      Excessive oil from the sebaceous glands next to the hair shaft flood and drown the hair follicles, decreasing oxygen nourishing hair 

3)      Scalp pili muscles tighten around the hair shafts, strangulating the hair causing them to die and fall off

4)      Excess of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

JUVEHAIRTM Growth Program

JUVEHAIRTM-  Professor Yoland Lim Health Care's Hair Growth Rejuvenation Program uses Fong Yang therapy, which combines Shi Lou Dou (Professor Yoland Lim family's ancient form of acupuncture), phytomolecular medicine, binaural therapy, and our specially Australian designed and developed JUVEHAIRTM machine.

This unique holistic approach rejuvenates your entire body, specifically targeting your hair for optimal results.

This aims to balance the meridians to promote hair growth via: 

I)          Stimulating the photoreceptors (cytochrome C oxidase in the mitochondria within the cells of the scalp and hair), increasing cell metabolism and blood flow, leading to more adenosine diphoshpate (ADP) and adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and a subsequent reduction in DHT.  This allows hair to have more energy and stimulate the metabolic processes necessary for hair growth.

II)         More blood flow in scalp-  Releases nitric oxide from cells, and leads to increased vascularisation to the scalp distributing nutrients and oxygen to the hair roots.

III)       Excessive build-up of DHT is prevented.

JUVEHAIRTM balances the meridians and nourishes hair follicles in all the 3 phases of the hair life cycle of:  

1)  Anagen (growth)         2)  Telogen (resting)               3)  Catagen (shedding)

Treatment can be used for any amount of hair loss, with our studies showing best results are for mild to moderate hair loss.  Treatment entails sessions 2 (or 3) times/week for 6-12 months.

Professor Yoland Lim*  JP, FAICD
Integrative Medicine | Phytomolecular Medicine

* Visiting Professor of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

+Awarded the Australian Centenary Medal for Services to Chinese Medicine

Executive Council Member Specialty committee Pediatrics of 

World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society

Academic Committee member Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

Yoland Lim has worked in various hospitals around the world, such as the Royal Melbourne Hospital Clinical Science Department where he researched and developed micro-surgical techniques as well as carrying out his passion for herbal medicine, at Prince Henry's Hospital (now known as Monash Medical Centre) and St Vincent's Hospital, before establishing his own private practice in Clinical Diagnostic Pathology, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine in Australia and Singapore.  He has previously lectured and worked at Veterans General Hospital and the Tai Chong Medical College, Taiwan in conjunction with Professor Cheah Chong in the 1970's and 1980's. 

Within a few years he sold his pathology business to concentrate on the integration of Eastern Wisdom and Western Science, combining his childhood background and modern scientific methodologies with Professor Frank Ng of Monash University as well as his development and research in phytomolecular medicine.

In the 1980's his laboratories were the first in Australia to be licensed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for the manufacture of Chinese medicine. Following its listing on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2000, he returned to concentrate on his clinical practice.  He has lectured since 1985 on the integration of eastern and western medicine.  

He was appointed as*Visiting Professor to the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and appointed to the academic committee and as advisor and coordinator to the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Appointed Justice of Peace in 1980, and Awarded The Centenary Medal in 2003.  Educative Council Member of  the Specialty Committee of Paediatrics of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. 

Fong Yang System of Healing

The Fong Yang Art of healing based on Professor Lim's fore fathers and integrates the 2000 year old healing traditions with modern western scientific principles. "Eastern wisdom, western science" - Professor Yoland Lim

Fong Yang is based on the principle of "Shi Liang Poh Chiang Jing".  This literally translates to a few grams will move the force of a thousand kilos.  This has similarities to homeopathic principles using very small doses of medication to vitalize the healing force.  The Fong Yang art of healing in modern scientific terms is Phytomolecular Medicine, which deals with healing energy at cellular level.  Research by Professor Lim and his colleagues at Monash University proved that a small dose caused greater changes, and were more effective than higher doses. Liang and Jing are chinese measures in Acupuncture. ~16 Liang equals 1 jing (approximately 0.5 kilograms).

Performance Optimization in Athletes

"No drugs, no side effects"


Professor Yoland Lim Health Care's combination of natural medicines allows athletes and teams to optimize their natural abilities to maximize their stamina, strength, power and mindfulness. 

Our medicines act on multiple levels- MUS is our muscle enhancement medicine which acts on meridiens to strengthen, hypertrophize and tone muscles.  This works in conjunction with TC- to maximise the meridien energy for blood flow, to oxygenate the muscle and organs.  It enhances removal of lactic acid, and may help to reduce cramps.  The BRMC acts on brain wave functioning to optimize decision making both during training and on matchday/races.
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