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The Fong Yang System

Traditionally, the FONG YANG healing art and medicine is taught and handed down from generation to generation. The basic training is firstly in Kung fu consisting of Nei Kung (internal breathing, meditation and internal strength), Wei Kung (physical concentration of strength like that of Karate) and Chi Kung (breathing exercise).  It is only when the Si Fu (Master) is satisfied that these arts are mastered, does the training of medical principles begin.  In addition, Feng Shui (the wind and water principal of the art of living and environment) is also learnt to be appreciated.  Professor Yoland Lim created Professor Yoland Lim Building (Clinic), which is based on his knowledge of Feng Shui, meditation and Buddhist philosophy and precepts. 

There are many different branches of the healing system in ancient times and each family has its own formulations. In The Age newspaper on Monday 15 April 2002, it had specifically stated that this arcane (like that of Fong Yang) medical treasures is a dying art. Realizing this many years, ago Yoland set out to preserve his family's healing art and embark on a biotechnology integration of the Eastern Philosophy and Western Science resulting in his world renown healing formulations.
"Eastern wisdom, western science" - Yoland Lim 1972
South view of exterior of Professor Yoland Lim Clinic
Many of which are now accepted in mainstream medicine. He goes on to prove the critics wrong in the production of one of his  weight control herbal extracts, subjected to a successful clinical trail phase proving its action on LYPOLYSIS AND LYPOGNESIS (Monash University, Australia) that is totally different from all other weight control medicine base on reducing or burning calories value.

Yoland Lim came to Australia to practice the Fong yang Healing art and to integrate eastern wisdom and western medical principals. In the early 1970s, after many years practice as a "physician" with his father, he was appointed visiting professor to one of the world's most prestigious Universities, THE GUANGZHOU UNIVERSITY OF CHINESE MEDICINE. His healing skills have benefited patients from around the world from far corners such as Asia, Europe, the United Kingdom and the USA. He has developed a range of products, which combine the ancient herbal formulae of his family with stringent western modern pharmaceutical and scientific. He has captured national and international headlines in TV, radio and print media.

He is one of this Australia's foremost and respected practitioners of Herbal Medicine and Shi Luo Dou and runs one of the largest Clinics in the Melbourne suburb of Wantirna. 

He treats athletes, entertainers, politicians, captains of industry members of the Royal families, and even racehorses. One of his high profile patients was the late Cliff Young (as reported in many news media), the long distance "shuffler" whom he treated with Shi Luo Dou to enable him to run from Sydney to Melbourne - a great feat as many involved said it was "impossible".

Professor Yoland Lim Health Care treats obesity, arthritis, impotence, loss of libido, blood pressure, asthma, and other conditions.  Professor Lim was among the first to use acupuncture during childbirth and surgical procedures to alleviate pain. Fertility problem (male and female) and pregnancy management forms large part of his practice.

During his years in Australia, he has worked in research in Clinical Science at Melbourne and later carried out research in Phytomolecular Medicine at Monash University, and is the co-author of numerous scientific papers.  He has also written four best selling books:

  • Your Body is Your Doctor
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries; A Drug-Free Answer
  • The Oriental Art of Keeping Slim
  • Yoland Lim Recipes for Longevity

Fong Yang medicine uses a holistic approach to the treatment of disease bringing the body back into harmony with itself and the universe. Yoland successfully combines the ancient knowledge of his forefathers with Western technology to offer the best of both worlds. He established a highly successful company, which developed, manufactured and marketed a wide range of herbal products. These were sold throughout Australia and exported to China, Taiwan, Singapore, and S.E Asia until he sold it to a public listed company. Products on the market bearing his name HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM. His products are now ONLY available from his clinic.

As a practicing Buddhist, Yoland meditates daily, practices (and believes) in karma, the 4 precepts and 8-way path following example of his forefathers. He has devoted his life to bringing the medical philosophies of East and West together for the betterment of mankind.

Tian Hua Temple, in the eastern jungle of Ponggol, Singapore, where his father in the art of healing trained Yoland Lim.

What Is Fong Yang Shi-Luo-Dou?

Shi-Luo-Dou consists of many trigger points in the body useful in Kung Fu and is used for therapeutic purposes. Some of these points correspond to Acupuncture points but because Shi-Lou-Dou is lesser known, and is still as a family system handed down from father to son, only recently have many of these points been discovered as new or extra acupuncture points. 

Shi-Luo-Dou has been attributable in the treatment of many chronic medical conditions, which has given Professor Yoland Lim international recognition. The course of treatment involves placing needles into various points on the body like that of acupuncture (please note this is not traditional acupuncture as most people know it) to re-balance the meridian energy flow, thereby restoring the harmony between yin and yang within the body. Herbal medicine by Yoland Lim is also prescribed. These are prepared in a pharmacologically assimilated form based on the principle of "Se Liang Po Chien Zhing" - translation: "using a small amount of energy to break a huge load". This is the base principal of FONG YANG.

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