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Registered Specialist ORTHODONTIST
"Awarded for clinical excellence and internationally recognised research"
"Creating beautiful smiles and harmonious bites"
Why patients choose our orthodontic clinic?
Dr Elaine Lim is a Registered Specialist Orthodontist. She is the 6th generation of healers from the Professor Yoland Lim Family and continues a tradition of an integrative approach to health care. Her management of craniofacial disturbances and conditions (including crooked teeth, maligned jaws, sleep apnoea and headaches related to jaw disorders) is approached in a holistic manner.
All aspects of patient care - from initial diagnosis, planning of treatment, to removal of braces - are conducted entirely by the Orthodontist.
We use the highest quality orthodontic/dental materials, the most modern techniques and cutting-edge technology which allows excellence in treatment results - giving you a beautiful smile which enhances your facial appearance. 
We aim to deliver outstanding orthodontic treatment within a friendly atmosphere, so your orthodontic experience is relaxed and positive.
About the Orthodontist
Dr Elaine Lim [Bachelor of Dental Surgery and Master of Dental Science (Orthodontics)] is an Orthodontist, conducting her specialist training at The University of Sydney. She has been recognised for outstanding clinical and academic achievements including the prestigious University Medal, Moore Medal, Australian Dental Association Post-graduate Scholarship, Australian Orthodontic Board Clinical Award, Elsdon Storey Merit Award for her orthodontic research and the Rocky Mountain Orthodontic Fellowship (University of Southern California). In addition, she has published her research in international journals. She has also given conference presentations to the orthodontic community both interstate and overseas. Dr Lim is the guest dental professional on Triple M Radio Melbourne. She has also been involved in teaching dental and post-graduate orthodontic students, as well as being on the board of the Australian Dental Association Continuing Professional Development Committee.
What is Orthodontics?
Orthodontics is the "creation of beautiful smiles and harmonious bites". This is achieved by aligning your own natural teeth and improving jaw relationships, using braces, plates, clear aligners, dental orthopaedic devices and/or orthognathic surgery.
A referral is not required. You may decide on your own that there is a personal need for improving your overall smile and how your teeth bite together.
However, your general dentist or health care professional (e.g. medical doctors, speech therapists, ENT surgeons) may refer you to an orthodontist.

When seeking orthodontic care you should choose to see an "orthodontist". Orthodontists are Specialists. They are dental surgeons who have undergone further intensive post-graduate training for a number of years.


The First Step
Booking for an "Initial Consultation" is your first step to making an informed decision regarding your orthodontic needs. This appointment involves clinical examination of your face, jaws, teeth and bite. This is followed by detailed analysis of your malocclusion and a treatment planning session where your options will be discussed.  

Treatment Options 

Bite, tooth and jaw problems are corrected in a holistic manner. Correction of orthodontic problems may require braces (bands, brackets (tooth coloured ceramic or surgical grade stainless steel) and wires). However, alternate options including 'plate' type appliances and 'invisible aligners' are also available. The suitability of these depends on individual factors, which can be assessed at your detailed Initial Consultation visit.


When to begin treatment
Orthodontic treatment can be provided to children, teenagers and adults. However, certain tooth and jaw problems are ideally treated at certain ages. Where there is the opportunity to examine a child around 8 to 9 years old, this may allow for implementation of "early treatment", which can greatly reduce the complexity of treatment if left to a later age.

We hope this information has helped you to better understand what is involved in the overall concept of having orthodontic treatment and introducing you to options to improve your smile and bite - after all a smile is a gift for a lifetime.

Appointments and further information for Dr Elaine Lim Orthodontist: 

KNOX:  Professor Yoland Lim Clinic. 309 Stud Road, Wantirna South, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3152.
PHONE: (03) 9576 9000
ORMOND:  328 Jasper Road, Ormond, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3204.
PHONE: (03) 9576 9000

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